Social Services

Transportation, childcare, allowance equivalent to minimum wage during the in-class portion, work related material and supplies, completion bonus, employment and academic advice, interview preparation, networking, and on the job supports for participants and employers.


Course Description

Community Services Program

ICOO social Services programs provides high-quality direct support services for refugees, housing, immigrants, asylees and victims of international human trafficking and new-comers. ICOO case managements are knowledgeable and skilled in case management, advocacy, cultural orientation, education, immigration legal services, referrals, employment and job readiness training, job club and job orientation. ICOO founded in 2016 here in Minneapolis MN The Community Services Program provides support to senior centers and Ethnic Community Services Programs to assist them with: Organized social, art, recreational, health and nutritional services Outreach and education, including cultural and citizenship issues Commodities support such as food items, emergency cash assistance, travel vouchers
  • Translation services
  • Employment programs
  • Immigration issues
  • Youth programs
  • Women’s crises
  • Social services
  • Youth programs
For more information about Community Services Programs, please contact the Office on Aging at: 6122190106


Commitment to Community connection and faith ICOO standards for community character and conduct will guide all of our work. The Power of Collective Outreach We will act in close partnership with congregations and community groups to identify and address unmet needs of the working poor in Minneapolis MN.  


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