Employment Program (For All)

Works is an employment program that assists youth and young adults to overcome their barriers to employment. Our supports are designed to help participants discover new skills and refine existing ones towards labor market integration or further education.


Course Description

Established in 2016 as the Community Workers’ Co-operative (ICOO), Community Work Minnesota is a national organization that promotes and supports community work as a means of addressing poverty, social exclusion and inequality, promoting, protecting and advancing human rights and ultimately achieving social change that will contribute to the creation of a just, sustainable and equal society. Become a member to receive the most up to date news and reports, job placement, job search, job club, and cultural orientation.   Youth participants will learn and develop skills in Workshops on:

  • Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others,
  • Group Dynamics,
  • Working as part      of a Team,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem,
  • Assertiveness Skills,
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Feedback Skills (Providing and Receiving),
  • Conflict Resolution,


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